It’s only the first of May……or I guess it’s the third.

Usually we are still cold, muddy and not much is happening in the garden. Not so this year! This year it’s already in the 70’s and 80’s. The soil is dry and we are praying for rain. The farmers are almost done planting, and some neighbors have their vegetable gardens already planted. It’s going to be an interesting year.

I took a walk around the yard today, actually I do that most days! Today I took my camera in the form of my iphone and snapped some pictures.

Dawn Clematis

This clematis surprises me every year, this year wow! There are already buds and I bet I have blossoms within a week.

Star flower

Star flowers

Pasque flower

I know this has another name, but I can’t remember off hand, (it’s written in my journal though) the generic name is Pasque flower.

Large plum blossoms

We have a number of plum trees and the blossoms are different too! This one has large yummy plums. (I would have to ask the hubby for the name)

Small plum blossoms

These are the blossoms from the native plums we have growing. Both varieties smell heavenly!

Nanking cherry blossoms

We also have a few Nanking cherry bushes that are just starting to bloom.

Greenhouse May 3

I have a little greenhouse that I use to pot plants and hold them until they go out to the garden. We visited a local college greenhouse the other day and stocked up!

OK this was my second post, and I hope I did all the inserting of images and stuff correctly!


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