Black Gold!!

I am so excited!

Composted Manure

Our vegetable garden has been in the same location for many years now, and while we are always adding chopped leaves, grass clipping and other things to add humus to the soil, it is still very depleted. NOW I finally found a source of “Black Gold” (rotted horse manure) It’s a lot of work, and a 40 mile drive to get it, but luckily I had the foresight many years ago, to purchase an old pickup box trailer, so we have a way to haul it. This is load #1, which has already been emptied into the garden and spread around. The plan is to get at least 2 or 3 more loads, some to put on the garden right away, some to keep for later.

blue bottle tree 2

blue bottle tree

I have wanted a blue bottle tree for ages, we are talking 3 or 4 years now! And I have been saving the bottles, but never found just the right tree for them. Then while visiting friends in Virginia last year, low and behold our friend makes bottle trees! AND he gave me one, yes it had to travel home tied to the back of the RV, and I think it might have lost a branch or two on the trip, but it’s still perfect! The DH and I set it up yesterday, now I need to wait for the flowers in the garden to grow up and accent the tree,

Don’t forget to get your hands dirty! There is now proof that dirt is good for you!


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