The scent of spring!

Every time I go outside the scent of blooms wafts in the air. It’s hard to decipher exactly where the scent is coming from because there are blooms all over the place! Each trip out the door and I discover something new blooming, or a new version of something already in bloom.

Today it’s the honeysuckle and the lilacs that are garnering my attention, although I believe the wonderful fragrance is actually from the huge number of chokecherries in the yard.



I don’t know the name of this honeysuckle, the DH planted it many years ago, and this year it is putting on quite a show! To bad it’s in a spot where it can only be enjoyed if you know where to look for it.

Old Lilac Lilacs

They don’t show up in the picture but the shrub between the lilacs and the pond is a chokecherry just dripping with blossoms. And the Honeysuckle is in between the lilac and the chokecherry. These were transplants from an abandoned farm yard down the road. I love lilacs, and although many of the old farm yards around here have rows of them planted, mine didn’t! I don’t know if they were here at one time and someone removed them, or if they were never here. In any case I now have lilacs to enjoy in the spring.

Dwarf french lilacOf course being the plantaholic I am when at the local garden club tour I spied a Dwarf French lilac for sale I grabbed it up. It isn’t blooming yet this year, but it’s close. And it looks like it’s going to put on a wonderful show for the first time!

Today I will be popping some more annuals into the garden, I can’t abide bare spots! So my hands will be dirty, how about yours?


2 thoughts on “The scent of spring!

  1. That honeysuckle is gorgeous! We have dwarf lilacs by the patio; they bloom later than the regular lilacs. We planted barberry bushes this weekend because the rabbits have eaten the last bushes we planted.


    1. OH yes I understand the issue with rabbits! I go through a lot of Liquid Fence, and have been known to put cages around special plants, not the nicest looking solution, but hey better than always replacing them!


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