Wood ticks and Quack-grass!

Oh my goodness, gardening would be so much more enjoyable if I didn’t have to deal with Quackgrass! And wood ticks, even just a short stroll around the beds and I have ticks crawling on me. Luckily I am finding most of them before the stick, although one night both the DH and I checked ourselves thoroughly before bed, and the next morning he had 2 and I had one stuck. So we need to watch for symptoms.


I found one of my jewelry working tools has a second occupation as a “TICK KILLER” I get great satisfaction burning the little buggers on a tile with my torch!

web-IMG_1010Quack grass! UGH! It is a never-ending chore, and just when I think  I might be able to take a break, nope there’s more! This picture a pile of grass and roots from one little 2′ square corner I cleaned out. I do admit I had let it go to long, but there were other places that took priority!

On the good news side, so far this year the Buffalo gnats haven’t hit! Or even the mosquito’s!

Don’t forget to get your hands dirty.


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