I braved the Mosquitoes!

I put on the mosquito netting, plopped my hat on top of it, donned the long sleeves, long pants, stockings and garden shoes. Then I went out the front door and braved the mosquitoes! It was still hard to get good photos, it’s a bit hard to see through the netting, and I could not tell if things were focused or not. AND it seems that everything is blooming all at once! Irises in a variety of colors, poppies that look fake in my pictures the color is so vibrant. Peonies everywhere in a few colors and then my old fashioned roses that are blooming up a storm and smell wonderful!! Now I need to pull on the gloves and attack some of those weeds! I have been so busy I haven’t had time to get my hands dirty in a week or more, what about you? Are your hands dirty?web-IMG_1066 web-IMG_1065 web-IMG_1069web-IMG_1068  web-IMG_1064 web-IMG_1063 web-IMG_1062 web-IMG_1061 web-IMG_1060 web-IMG_1059 web-IMG_1058 web-IMG_1057 web-IMG_1056 web-IMG_1055 web-IMG_1054 web-IMG_1052 web-IMG_1051 web-IMG_1050


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