Putting up corn!

It’s been a busy week in the kitchen, and it’s only Thursday!August-2

On Monday we had 18 dozen ears of sweet corn delivered by a neighbor. Mind you originally I wanted about 8 dozen, the hubby talked me into 12, when he went to order it, he ordered 15, and when it was delivered I received 18! OH MY! That was a LOT of corn! Tuesday with the help of the DH we shucked it, blanched it, froze it, and dehydrated it. I also experimented with corn cob jelly.

While waiting for the corn to dehydrate the DH discovered there were green beans to be picked, so he picked them. I ended up with 4 eight ounce bags in the freezer, plus 4 pints of dilly beans, and a tray in the dehydrator.

My tomato crop is sad this year, but I had enough ripe ones to make 7 pints of stewed tomatoes.

The plums are ready, so ready they were falling off the tree! Nine pounds of them were picked, Wednesday I made a batch of plum sauce, a batch of plum conserve.aded97a6-acb4-4200-9a5d-066b6bf31b9e

The Beta grapes are ready! So ready the birds have eaten about 1/2 of them. Again they were picked on Wednesday, about 2 gallons worth. I made grape jelly and grape syrup.

There is a plethora of grape tomatoes, to many to eat, so I make “Dilly Tomatoes” a first for us, but they sound good, I guess we will find out later in the year. August-1

It’s the time of year where dirty hands have paid off!

OH NO! There are ripe apples on a tree!


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