Hi my name is Jenny and I’m a 56 year old gardener in Northwestern Minnesota, on the edge of the prairie in the Red River Valley.   My day job is making jewelry, but my first love is all types of gardening.  I have loved digging in the soil since I was little, one of my first garden memories is digging up lilacs from behind the outhouse and planting them in front of the house. I am a farmers daughter, the oldest of 6, thus the first one to help with the chores and in the fields. My parents had a large vegetable garden, and we canned or “put up” veggies every year. All these life lessons have stayed with me!

This blog is about sharing my love of playing in the dirt, and sharing my journey. I am also using it as a sort of garden diary, a place to keep and share those things I learn and love about growing things.

Currently I garden in zone 3b where it gets cold! My style is very eclectic, I garden mostly ornamental flowers and let the hubby take care of the vegetables. Although weeding is shared! We own a 5 acre homestead and have a variety of gardens, sunny, shady, native and woodland. There is also a pond about the size of a football field, which is all native and we just enjoy.

I hope you enjoy your visit here to my gardens, and feel free to return as many times as you like.


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